Studio Policy

All students and parents should become familiar with and abide by the rules and regulations as stated below.

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Studio Policies


All dancers MUST adhere to the dress code of LDC with the appropriate dancewear and secure hair. Hair should be pulled back away from the face and worn in a ponytail or bun.

Girls are required to wear a leotard and tights during Ballet and Pointe classes. Also fitted tanks and dance shorts are accepted.  Loose clothing for ballet class is NOT permitted and the student will be asked to change.

Jazz pants may be worn during tap and/or jazz classes.  Hip Hop students must purchase the required shoes and may wear any comfortable clothing.

All Ballet, Tap and Jazz shoes should be black unless otherwise instructed. Please do not purchase the satin ballet slippers as they tend to slip off of the child’s heel during class. All Shoes should be leather.

Once a student is registered for the dance season, there are only two approved drop dates that a student may decide to discontinue their participation in a class. These dates are: October 1st and February 1st. If a student decides to discontinue a class, it must be done on or before these dates. Any drops after these dates will be charged full tuition for the dance season August – May.



Attendance is imperative for consistent progress. If a student is going to be absent from class due to unforeseen circumstances, call the studio and leave a message before class time. If students know in advance that they will be absent from class, please let the Director know before the day of the class. If students are too ill to participate in class, they should remain at home and rest.

If they are injured, they should come to class and observe. Many students find that they learn more from observing class! This will also keep them apprised of the class’ progress.



All students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, honest, and to abide by the rules of LeAnn’s Dance Connection. Attitudes that are disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressively competitive do not have a place at LDC. Any parent or student exhibiting these attitudes will be asked to leave.

LDC expects all dancers to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to others and to themselves. They will not make comparisons to each other or speak negatively about one another or the instructors. There will be no rough-housing or loud voices in the building.

Parents need to be sure that younger children are supervised in the waiting areas and at all times. Students are expected to keep the bathrooms, dressing room, waiting areas, and classrooms neat and clean. Dancers and visitors are expected to pick up after themselves.

Dancers may not chew gum in the building.  Parents, please pick up your children on time. LDC will not be responsible for students who are at the studio past the end of their class time.

Street shoes must be worn outside the LDC building. Under no circumstance should a student ever wear dance shoes outside.


  • If students are more than 10 minutes late for class, they may be asked to sit and observe.  Latecomers can be a distraction to the other dancers and proper warm-up is important to prevent injury.  If there is a scheduling conflict getting to class from school, please notify the Director.
  • No gum, candy, food, or beverages (other than water) are allowed in the classroom. All snacks are restricted to the waiting area.
  • Dancers should use the restroom before class.  There will be limited permission to leave class to use the restroom for the older students. Parents of Preschool students should remind their children to use the restroom and have a drink of water before class.
  • There will be no hanging, playing, sitting, or climbing on the Barres.
  • Students will not sit on the floor or lean on the Barres during class.  During class, students are expected to listen closely when an instructor is correcting another student so that they may also learn from the correction.
  • Students will not talk during class and will raise their hands to be called on.
  • All cell phones must be turned off during class or put on silent and left in your bag!!


  • Tuition payments are to be paid by the first of each month. A $5 late fee will be applied to your account after the 10th of every month. Your grace period is 2nd – the 10th.


You will not receive printed bills or phone call reminders regarding class payment and will be charged the late fee if there is an overdue payment. Please make tuition payments promptly.

If the payment has not been received by the first day of the following month, the student will not be admitted to classes. Another fee of $5.00 will be incurred for each month the tuition is not paid.

If students have any outstanding charges, they will be unable to perform in our Recitals.

A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any returned checks.

Enrollment is for a 38-week session – tuition is based on 38 weeks, not months. No refunds or deductions from tuition fees will be granted.  Full tuition is due each month … August through May.

Tuition payments can be made one of two ways:

Automatic Electronic Funds Transfer each month .Fill out attached form and bring to the studio. Tuition will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings on the date indicated.

Check or Cash each month. Checks are to be marked with students name in the memo and dropped in the locked payment box in the waiting area.  Cash is to be in a labeled envelope. A receipt will be sent home with your child reflecting the payment.


Dancers should bring all valuables into the classroom. All clothing and shoes brought to the studio should be marked with the name of the student. A lost and found box will be kept in the corner of the waiting room.


  • If Morrison Community Schools are closed or released early due to inclement weather, the studio is also closed.  Please call the studio, check our website or facebook page for class cancellation information.
  • You can sign up for email and text alerts on our website. Special announcements including weather cancellations will also be sent via email/text.
  • Information may be handed out to your student throughout the year. Please be sure to ask your student if they received a note or check their bag to make sure you receive all information.